Hey fans, as you likely know, our debut LP is coming out on January 14th, 2014. And here's your chance to win a free, signed copy!

Somewhere on our album, there is a single stroke of a gong! And it's on one of the three songs that we've already released (Water Over Stone, Contamination (Radio Edit), and Atmos (Masto) Stoma [Official Music Video]).

The free signed CD will go to the first fan to post as a comment to this facebook post:
(1) which of those three songs has the gong; and
(2) the minute and second of the song at which you can hear the gong being hit!

You can hear Water Over Stone and Contamination at and you can check out the Atmos video at

Good hunting!

And don't forget to come out to our Album Release Show, January 18 at the Fire!

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