Tungsten Releases its Debut LP, the Reservoir 

Port Richmond (January 14, 2014) - Today, Philadelphia progressive metal band Tungsten officially released the Reservoir, the band's debut LP. Featuring 8 original compositions, the Reservoir is available now for FREE download at Additionally, it can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, and a number of other pay services. The album is or will soon be streaming on all major streaming services, including SPOTIFY, Rhapsody, and Google. Finally, physical copies of the album can be purchased on the band'sp Bandcamp page or on CD Baby.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Tungsten has spent the last two years performing its own brand of progressive metal to captivated audiences in Philadelphia and New York City. Having honed their sound through explosive live performances, Tungsten took to the studio in Summer of 2013 to record their material. The result is The Reservoir, the band’s debut LP, an album that captures the band’s signature sound: progressive metal that is dark, innovative, and creative, but still bursting at the seams with classic metal attitude that makes you want to pump your fist in the air. Drawing on influences both timeless (Iron Maiden, Rush, Pink Floyd) and modern (Opeth, Mastodon), The Reservoir features inventive riffs, soaring guitar harmonies, bombastic drumming, and the commanding vocals of Philly’s most intense frontwoman.


Hey fans, as you likely know, our debut LP is coming out on January 14th, 2014. And here's your chance to win a free, signed copy!

Somewhere on our album, there is a single stroke of a gong! And it's on one of the three songs that we've already released (Water Over Stone, Contamination (Radio Edit), and Atmos (Masto) Stoma [Official Music Video]).

The free signed CD will go to the first fan to post as a comment to this facebook post:
(1) which of those three songs has the gong; and
(2) the minute and second of the song at which you can hear the gong being hit!

You can hear Water Over Stone and Contamination at and you can check out the Atmos video at

Good hunting!

And don't forget to come out to our Album Release Show, January 18 at the Fire!

Official Music Video 

Tungsten would like to wish you and yours the very best of holidays! Keep safe and warm! 
As our holiday gift to you, we have the world debut of our official, delightfully psychedelic, music video.

Special thanks to Michael Bartosch, Adam Montoya, and Doug Capper for putting this together!

News Update: Metal/Prog Quizzo, Fan Listening Party, & More Radio Play! 

Hey folks, we have quite a few updates for you today. First, we're thrilled to announce that on Tuesday, Dec. 3 we will be hosting Heavy Metal/Progressive Rock Quizzo and a Fan Album Listening Party at Doobie's Bar in Center City. This is... a great chance to hang out with the band, show off your obscure music trivia knowledge, hear our entire unreleased album, and get excited for our gig the following Saturday.  For more info on both events, click here.

But since you obviously don't want to wait until December to hear more tracks off of the Reservoir, why don't you tune in to Metal Militia Web Radio at 5 PM EST today. This is a great metal radio station based out of Brazil and we're super excited to be added to their rotation.

We're also now in heavy rotation on Toil Radio, so make sure you check some of that out as well.

Finally, it looks like our first matchup on the Band vs. Band Tournament of Champions will be this Thursday, Nov. 21, so mark your calendars and remember to vote!

Album Track List, Reviews, an Interview, and Band vs. Band 

Hey fans! Lots of big news items today: The album track list, the first album reviews, an interview with Ben & Jeff, and more Band vs. Band success!

First we'd like to officially unveil the track list for the Reservoir, so without further adieu:

1. Water Over Stone
2. Contamination
3. Atmos (Masto) Stoma
4. Night Wanders By
5. Coda
6. El Dolor
7. The Opera House
8. The Reservoir

To hear two of the tracks off the album, head over to our Music Page!

We've also received the first couple reviews of the album, and so far it's a hit:

Fast Metal Pages (Russia)
Epidemic Nation (Indonesia)
A Metal State of Mind (USA/Italy/Sweden)

Additionally, our friends over at Epidemic Nation published a great interview of Ben & Jeff.

And finally, we won yet again on Gashouse Radio's Band vs. Band competition last night. This makes three in a row. If we can win tonight and tomorrow night, then we are guaranteed a place in the year-end tournament of champions. So make sure you tune in and vote all three times between 6PM and 8PM at


Radio Tungsten 

Hey fans! Have you been listening to Tungsten on the radio this week?  There's more airplay to come!

First, we... have been added to the rotation on Metal Express Radio, so give them a listen.

Second, and even more exciting, JustIn Case Prog Radio, Greece's first (and best) progressive rock radio station, will be featuring the album for 24 hours. Starting at 5:30 PM Eastern time today and running through 4:30 PM tomorrow, they will be playing one song from the Reservoir every hour, on the half hour. So that's a song at 4:30, a song at 5:30, a song at 6:30 etc. And it's a great radio station anyway, so you might as well just leave it on the whole time.

Third, there will be some Tungsten played Saturday night on Attention Surplus Overdrive, a metal program on CJSW 90.9 FM, Calgary's leading independent radio station. It's also broadcast over the internet ( Since Calgary is a few time zones over, it's on a bit late here. The program runs from 2:00 AM to 5:00 AM eastern time, but that should be fine for some of you night owls and for those of you in different time zones too!

Finally, we are being played extensively on Gashouse Radio.  We are the two-day champion of Band vs. Band and as of last night, our song Contamination was their number 2 song for the month.  Tune in today to see if we move up to number one.  The top 10 countdown is at 5:00 PM.  And remember to vote for us on the next Band vs. Band Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Wow! Can you say, "Radio Ga Ga?"