Album Track List, Reviews, an Interview, and Band vs. Band

Hey fans! Lots of big news items today: The album track list, the first album reviews, an interview with Ben & Jeff, and more Band vs. Band success!

First we'd like to officially unveil the track list for the Reservoir, so without further adieu:

1. Water Over Stone
2. Contamination
3. Atmos (Masto) Stoma
4. Night Wanders By
5. Coda
6. El Dolor
7. The Opera House
8. The Reservoir

To hear two of the tracks off the album, head over to our Music Page!

We've also received the first couple reviews of the album, and so far it's a hit:

Fast Metal Pages (Russia)
Epidemic Nation (Indonesia)
A Metal State of Mind (USA/Italy/Sweden)

Additionally, our friends over at Epidemic Nation published a great interview of Ben & Jeff.

And finally, we won yet again on Gashouse Radio's Band vs. Band competition last night. This makes three in a row. If we can win tonight and tomorrow night, then we are guaranteed a place in the year-end tournament of champions. So make sure you tune in and vote all three times between 6PM and 8PM at


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