Tungsten Releases its Debut LP, the Reservoir

Port Richmond (January 14, 2014) - Today, Philadelphia progressive metal band Tungsten officially released the Reservoir, the band's debut LP. Featuring 8 original compositions, the Reservoir is available now for FREE download at tungstenphilly.bandcamp.com. Additionally, it can be downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, and a number of other pay services. The album is or will soon be streaming on all major streaming services, including SPOTIFY, Rhapsody, and Google. Finally, physical copies of the album can be purchased on the band'sp Bandcamp page or on CD Baby.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Tungsten has spent the last two years performing its own brand of progressive metal to captivated audiences in Philadelphia and New York City. Having honed their sound through explosive live performances, Tungsten took to the studio in Summer of 2013 to record their material. The result is The Reservoir, the band’s debut LP, an album that captures the band’s signature sound: progressive metal that is dark, innovative, and creative, but still bursting at the seams with classic metal attitude that makes you want to pump your fist in the air. Drawing on influences both timeless (Iron Maiden, Rush, Pink Floyd) and modern (Opeth, Mastodon), The Reservoir features inventive riffs, soaring guitar harmonies, bombastic drumming, and the commanding vocals of Philly’s most intense frontwoman.

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